Grains of Sand: TIME January 21 2013 words

Monolithic: Massive, formed by one single block of stone -No dictatorship is as monolithically malevolent as it might seem from the outside. Pachyderm: A large mammal with thick skin e.g. elephants, rhinos -Some of the white pachyderms now reside in Naypyidaw. Parlay: to turn a gain from a previous into a greater amount by gambling […]

Grains of Sand: TIME January 2013 words

Sequester: A general cut in government spending Draconian:┬ánoun. (regarding laws) excessively severe/harsh -And the so-called sequester– a collection of draconian spending cuts that were due to take effect Jan. 1- was delayed for at least 60 days. Suboptimal: Less than ideal Harrowing: Vexing, torturous -But the result was a suboptimal deal that pushed the hardest […]

Grains of Sand: TIME December 2012 Words

Pariah: an outcast -North Korea successfully launched a long-range satellite into orbit on Dec. 12 heightening concerns about the pariah state’s growing ability to threaten its neighbours. Conclave: a private meeting, secret assembly, gathering of a group Dissident: disagreeing especially with an established religion or political system -The huddled conclave (Syrian opposition with Western Diplomats) […]

Grains of Sand: Night Circus Words

Coalescence:┬áThe union of diverse things into one body or form or group; the growing together of parts -Each element of the circus blends together in a wonderful coalescence. Exsanguinate: Excessive blood loss, bleeding to death, can refer to the process done to animals after hunting to ensure death. -Trespassers shall be exsanguinated Incandescent: Emitting […]