The Next Second or Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a wonderful place to be. We are constantly wanting to move forward, thinking that everything will be better after a sleep, or everything will be better after a couple. If you ask me what my wish is, I would say that it is to experience the next second. That way, I’ll have something to be happy about all the time plus the satisfaction of having my wish instantly fulfilled. There are times when quantity gives more pleasure than quality. Other examples include but are not limited to clothing, stationary, and bunnies. Without going to extremes, I would much rather have 100 pieces of weakly thin but recycled paper than one sturdy poster board. Wishes are like pretty pencils. They aren’t a terribly consuming part of our lives unlike goals, but with them, our lives become more pleasant. Instant gratification is something that is rare to come by, so I think my wish is a very pretty pencil indeed. Of course, there is only one thing that would hinder the fulfillment of my wish… but…

I am too young to be thinking about the what-ifs of death, but just young enough to think about all the other what-ifs.

Day 11 of the Daily Post “Fast Forward”


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