The Shower

I always do my best thinking in the shower. Why? Because the number of pleasant smelling distractions in the bathroom does not compare to the sheer amount of diversions available elsewhere. To put it simply, it’s where I do my best thinking because it’s where I actually, purely think.

Shower distractions: bubbles, shampoo, soap, sponges

Other distractions: technology, magazines, clothes and everything else not listed above

Even though the word life is already one big generalization, I think things categorized under this generalization should not be generalized further. I do not believe that the quality of thinking fits under the equation that looks something like: quality= time+intensity-distractions. Sometimes, however, I feel like reflection is all about drawing out one line as long as possible, and this is achieved when there are little to no distractions.

Daily 6 of the Daily Post


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