Sugar, Fat and Salt by Michael Moss: A Book Review

I always thought I was naturally lazy so when I heard that people have limited supplies of willpower, everything made sense. Because I have such an uncontrollable attachment to sweets, I didn’t expect this book to make an impact. But I was wrong. It’s not like everything I learned from this book was novel. As […]

Opening Lights

I am careful to chew with my mouth closed, but sometimes unswallowed food temporarily hidden in the nooks of my mouth catapult themselves into the outside. It’s gross. I find it gross. Luckily this has only ever happened to me when I was alone. ————- That was not really a habit. Don’t think disgusting. Think human. […]

The Next Second or Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a wonderful place to be. We are constantly wanting to move forward, thinking that everything will be better after a sleep, or everything will be better after a couple. If you ask me what my wish is, I would say that it is to experience the next second. That way, I’ll have something […]

On Dumbo and Genuine Admiration

When I was five, Dumbo the flying elephant was my hero simply because I loved elephants and I also wanted to fly. I am sure that my admiration was genuine at that time. The cardboard boxes full of Dumbo plushies from Disney can testify to that. Since Dumbo is no longer my hero, however, I […]

Sleepless Nights

I usually embrace sleepless nights. Since we all complain about doing too much, there’s nothing upsetting about lying down in bed for ten hours while we let our brains run their business. What upsets me is when I get kept up against my brain’s will, especially when it is by an inanimate source that I […]

Painting Flowers with Roy G. Biv

I will be replacing the ordinary with the fantastical, fanatical and just plain wacky, because I can and because the idea of a rainbow shoves away specks of realism hidden in the crannies of my mind. 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is a slick must-read for power seekers and the curious. Many times, […]

The Shower

I always do my best thinking in the shower. Why? Because the number of pleasant smelling distractions in the bathroom does not compare to the sheer amount of diversions available elsewhere. To put it simply, it’s where I do my best thinking because it’s where I actually, purely think. Shower distractions: bubbles, shampoo, soap, sponges […]


One reason I’m doing this challenge is because I’ll have something to look back upon in the future. It’s always nice to admire or cringe at my past writings. For this daily prompt, I’m going to completely modify one of my posts from 2 years ago. —————- Today, my friend asked me if I’d rather […]