Grains of Sand: TIME January 2013 words

Sequester: A general cut in government spending

Draconian: noun. (regarding laws) excessively severe/harsh

-And the so-called sequester– a collection of draconian spending cuts that were due to take effect Jan. 1- was delayed for at least 60 days.

Suboptimal: Less than ideal

Harrowing: Vexing, torturous

-But the result was a suboptimal deal that pushed the hardest decisions down the road and set the stage for an even more harrowing standoff between the two sides in the next Congress.

Partisan: Prejudiced in favour of a particular clause

-Obama’s second term is shaping up to be full of nonstop, overt partisan warfare, in part because the U.S. has seen exactly that for the past four years.

Obstructionism: Deliberately delaying or impeding the process of legal, legislative or other procedures

-Of course, Democrats have practiced this brand of obstructionism in the past.

Intransigence: Stubborn, refusing to compromise

Quorum: The minimum number of members of an assembly that must be present to make a meeting valid.

-He also made recess appointments of three nominees to the National Labor Relations Board after Republican intransigence left the board without a quorum.

Dogmatic: Arrogantly asserting unproved principles

Prerogative: An exclusive right or priviledge  to an individual or class

-It’s true that Obama is less dogmatic about Executive prerogatives than Bush, whose separation-of-powers doctrine often seemed to boil down to Because I Said So.

Corral: Gather together

-Thanks to exhaustive medical, philanthropic and political teamwork, the virus has been routed, corralled into only three countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria

Inoculation: taking a vaccine as a precaution against contracting a disease

-In 2003 the disease seemed near its end until clerics in northern Nigeria halted inoculations on the basis of rumors about sterility and HIV contamination.

Disparity: Great difference

-The disparity in funding partly reflects the disparity in need.

Snafu: A confused or chaotic state

-It’s 8a.m. on a Wednesday, and Tammi is on the phone, trying to untangle an insurance snafu.

Purview: Scope of influence or concern

Unequivocally: Apparently, unambiguously

-While the right to have an abortion is federal law, exactly who can access the service and under what circumstances is the purview of states. And at the state level, abortion-rights-activists are unequivocally losing.


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