Sea Glass: November 10 2012

Besides intelligence, I don’t think there’s anything I value more than kindness. Actually, I only add the ‘besides intelligence’ part because what I value in others doesn’t always coincide with what I strive to become. I value intelligence in myself. I believe somebody once told me that the best thing I can be is a nice and intelligent person. Unfortunately, that just happens to be the hardest thing one can ever strive to be. Maybe I value kindness so much is to compensate for how much I value intelligence in myself. So I met this girl over the Literature course I took over summer and she’s one of those people I consider ‘tonic’. It must take a lot to stay this kind and genuine in this poisonous teenage society where maintaining your own character is a greater feat than achieving good grades. I wish there were more people like that at my school but of course, my stupid Grade 6 self was blinded by the shining name and lavish environment and as a result, I am stuck in a snobbish school that assumes everyone attending is rich. I’m not.


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