Grains of Sand: Night Circus Words

Coalescence:┬áThe union of diverse things into one body or form or group; the growing together of parts -Each element of the circus blends together in a wonderful coalescence. Exsanguinate: Excessive blood loss, bleeding to death, can refer to the process done to animals after hunting to ensure death. -Trespassers shall be exsanguinated Incandescent: Emitting […]

Sea Glass: November 10 2012

Besides intelligence, I don’t think there’s anything I value more than kindness. Actually, I only add the ‘besides intelligence’ part because what I value in others doesn’t always coincide with what I strive to become. I value intelligence in myself. I believe somebody once told me that the best thing I can be is a […]

Shells: Ayumi Hamasaki “LOVE” mini-album review

Came out November 8, 2012 This is the first of five consecutive releases to celebrate Ayu’s 15th anniversary. Who’s excited? I have to say though, this mini-album is her tiniest yet. While fans will be delighted with these typically Ayu-ish tracks, I’m sure there will be many people who call this mini ‘boring’ or ‘nothing […]